NEC KEYPHONE MALAYSIA – The preferred communications system for corporations (SL1000, SV2100 SV9100, SV9300, SV9500) NEC Corporation of Malaysia provides “Solutions for Society” that promote the reliability and efficiency. NEC Introduces Smart Communications System (SL2100) to Asian Market. SL2100 offers enterprise-grade mobility and UC&C features for service-oriented businesses requiring excellent customer experience. NEC Keyphone System Malaysia offers industry specific features for retail, healthcare, food service and entertainment as well as hospitality features for small hotels and motels.

NEC Keyphone Malaysia SL2100 offers a new design for Hardware and Endpoints. Combined with the value-added features, such as Smartphone Integration and web-based Video Conferencing & Collaboration, the SL2100 is an ideal fit for service oriented small- and mid-sized businesses.”

NEC Keyphone Malaysia SL2100’s key features include: Built-in VoIP technologies (Standard 8ch. Expandable to 128 ch), Web-based UC Client, Web-based Video Conferencing & Collaboration, Voice Response System/Voicemail, Outbound & Inbound audio conference, Geographical Multi-site operation over IP Network, ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) for small Contact Center, Hotel Features with PMS API. The SL2100 also offers an array of add-on Smart Mobility options, such as Remote/Home Office Support, Smartphone SIP App and Mobile Extension.

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