Company Overview

BELCO SECURITY, the Malaysian leader in advanced security & surveillance solutions, was founded in the year 2009, with its operation based in Puchong, Selangor. BELCO’s vision is to bring affordable yet comprehensive and reliable security solutions to the Malaysian ‘rakyat’ and also to be among the Top 2 Security Distributor of CCTV cameras. The company takes pride and integrity in its ‘fair pricing for all’ policy to eliminate price discrimination and at the same time more homes and establishments are able to be protected by its security systems. BELCO also does not engage in price war with its competitors which will ultimately affect the products quality and technical support. It is a known fact that to win a price war, one would have to source from lower grade manufacturers and cut corners on production materials.

It has always been on the forefront in the mind of the founders at committing to provide excellent products and pre-sales consultation, and very importantly after-sales support which many are lacking. It also aims to understand the challenges faced by security professionals and customers alike, to provide efficient solutions by amalgamating the path-breaking technologies & innovation on consistent basis. BELCO with its extensive product portfolio & range, actually enables the surveillance solutions architects to create robust system designs & solutions across varied business verticals, without any black-hole or compromise on security. The brand takes inspiration from creating a safer CCTV Malaysia by bringing high-resolution video coverage that can prove effective in deterrence and enforcement.

Dahua Brand Distributor (Malaysia) in 2017
Dahua OEM Partner (Malaysia) in 2014

BELCO offers an extensive portfolio of the finest High-Resolution end-to-end imaging with CCTV surveillance equipment ranging from HD-CVI Analog cameras, IP video surveillance cameras, Thermal cameras, Artificial Intelligence (AI) cameras, Pan-Tilt-Zoom domes to DVRs, NVRs and CCTV cameras in Malaysia. For these products, it imports directly from DAHUA (, a world-renowned manufacturer ranking 2nd in the Global Security Industry.

BELCO has been officially appointed by DAHUA as their OEM partner in 2014, followed by Official Brand Distributor in 2017 and receiving complete sales and technical support from them ever since. Being a fully integrated and one-stop security solution provider, BELCO also carries ZKTECO Time Attendance, ZKTECO Access Control, Time & Attendance, Access Control, Standalone Digital Locks, Multi Apartment Solutions, Video Intercoms, PARADOX Intruder / Burglar Alarm Sytems, Home Automation, AOC Surveillance Monitor, RUIJIE Networks Switches and Access Points, NEC Keyphone and all related accessories.

It is vital to mention here that security industry is growing with increased propensity to urbanization and a general trend towards better security considerations. Surveillance Monitoring Applications are relevant in the sectors where a need exists for remote monitoring and streamlining of business processes. Feeding data with live monitoring of critical installations not only ensures the real time decision making, but also process control & manpower optimization as well. Manufactured under strict quality control in accordance with International Security Standards, BELCO brand is a symbol of Reliability, Availability and Consistency. Its cutting-edge, user-friendly technology adds immensely to the credibility of its products and thus making BELCO the preferred brand in the field of security and surveillance.

Understanding the BELCO Business Concept:

Belco Security offers Dahua CCTV and Surveillance Systems, CCTV Camera, Thermal Camera, CCTV recorder, CCTV Construction Site Monitoring in Malaysia. We offer a wide range of security products, such as closed circuit television, Paradox intruder alarm (wired alarm, wireless alarm), ZKTeco standalone door/card access, ZkTeco time attendance door access control, fingerprint with time attendance door access control, audio visual (projector screens, TV brackets), Merlaud PA (Public Addressing), RUIJIE networking, AOC Monitor and NEC keyphone / PABX systems at low prices to enable as many people as possible to afford them.

Here at BELCO, we have successfully maintained low prices for our items every year so that it will always benefit our customers. This has been made possible because we fully implement the BELCO business concept and the BELCO organization to purchase in large quantities, using the best supply chain methods to keep prices to the minimum.

Why Us?

Complete solution from a single supplier

We do the integration for you. Hassle free and no need to worry about technical support and warranty coverage. Brands we carry are Dahua, Paradox, ZKTeco, NEC, AOC, and Ruijie.

Strong Documentation

We are continuously producing specification, schematic, application note for all our products – extremely useful when submitting for big project or just for customized presentation to end customer.

Fair pricing

We deal direct with manufacturers therefore our cost is minimised, making our products easily affordable by many people.

We supply solutions

We do not just supply equipment, we supply solutions. We listen carefully to your customer’s requirement and budget allocation. Then we advise customer to help them select the right equipment to form a complete solution.

Repairing Service

We maintain complete spare parts and have a dedicated repairing department. Products that are broken (beyond warranty) can be repaired with a small fees.

Good Technical Support

Our technician is always available over the phone or in showroom to answer any questions that customer might have. We also have product specifications are made available to download.

Quality Product

We use our 10 years of extensive technical experience and knowledge to select and design the best value quality product for our customer. All our products undergo Quality Control before selling to customer.

Credible Establishment

We have been around in the security industry for 10 years and we are here to stay. BELCO SECURITY SDN BHD is a well established company with rock solid credibility.

Our Mission

BELCO understands the challenges faced by security professionals and seek to provide new technologies with the utmost reliability. We are committed to continuously enhance, improve and exceed expectations.

Our Values

    We understand that security equipment is often the last line of defense against all security threats. We, therefore, provide technology that you can depend on even when the chips are down.
    We always maintain sufficient stock level to avoid disappointment in completing a security installation job.
    We source only from world-class manufacturers, and we do not constantly change our product range. So if support and spare parts are needed after few months, obsolete is not an answer you’ll hear from us.