DAHUA HD-CVI Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

PoC (Power over Coax) transmits both video and electrical power over a single coaxial cable. HD-CVI PoC technology further simplifies HD-CVI system development, reducing time and cost. Long distance transmission capability guarantees up to 400m for 1080P and 300m for 4MP transmission.

POS 2.0 The H.265 XVR series integrates POS (Point of Sale) functionality with video to record business information, identify problems, and provide evidence for disputes for retail applications. Video and corresponding POS information can be shown simultaneously in both live and playback mode. The system also supports accurate search and fuzzy search to find bills and associated recordings.

HD-CVI IoT is a comprehensive system linking HD-CVI video, audio and data with sensor info such as temperature, humidity, and alarms to warn potential risks and to provide alarm visual verification.  With HD-CVI IoT, a climite-controlled warehouse is able to prevent theft while monitoring storage conditions, and alerts about events like sudden intrusion or rising temperature are all accompanied with video for verification.

Brand New GUI-XVR4.0 After over a year of design and development, the next generation GUI interface, XVR4.0, will be released together with HD-CVI H.265 products. Beautiful and simple, XVR4.0 ensures perfect display.

  • Color schemes, flat interface, and visual icons present a user-friendly experience
  • Integrated functional modules and logix to simplify user operation and enhance product competitivenes

HD-CVI H.265+ technology, an intelligent video comparison algorithm developed by DAHUA, has been released with the goal of broadening the application scope of 4K/4MP UHD devices in the video surveillance industry. HD-CVI H.265+ smart codec can save up to 90% on band bandwidth and video storage usage while ensuring high image quality.

24 Hour Testing – In a day of testing HD-CVI H.265+ saved up to 90% storage space on average compared with H.264.

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